Honor Code, Etiquette

“We believe that to be honorable, we must have honor and pride within ourselves and trust throughout our school community. Each student must respect not only herself but the rights and property of others. For the honor principle to work we all have to be willing to uphold these values. in order to operate within an honor principle a common understanding of these expectations must exist between faculty, administration, and students.”
~Marlborough School Student Handbook of Expectations
In the spirit of the school’s honor code, please remember:
  • Any work here in this blog is your own, unless cited. If it is NOT your work and it is NOT cited, it is plagiarism.
  • Any comments and replies must be written with respect. Be considerate with suggestions, be considerate in disagreement. Do not mock or criticize style, expression, or ideas.
  • If a personal issue arises, speak with the other person face-to-face or talk to me (Mr. Gwaltney).
  • Any references to student responses will be made with respect.
  • This blog is for academic use, not personal use. Do not use abbreviations, codes, or inappropriate language. Use standard English – these discussions and posts are homework assignments and must be clear, cogent, and perhaps even perspicacious

Source: http://mworld.edublogs.org/honor-code-and-blog-etiquette/, Nick Aieta 2007-08