Salem Witch Trials


What Really Happened in Salem in 1692?

A fellow APUSH teacher from New York, Susan Pojer, developed an interesting Document Based Question (DBQ) activity about the Salem Witch Trials called “What Really Happened in Salem in 1692?”  (she calls it an H-O-H or “Hands On History” activity)   We too will deal with these famous witch trials as our first DBQ of the year!

Step 1 (homework DUE – B: Fri 9/12; D, H: Mon 9/15):  Download, print, actively read, and analyze the document packet –> salem-witch-trial-documents

Step 2 (homework DUE and in-class activity on 9/12 or 9/15):  Download, print, actively read the instructions for the in-class discussion –>  discussion-activity-instructions

Step 3 (homework DUE – B, D: Thu 9/18; H: Fri 9/19):  UPDATED: Create a S.E.O. that responds to a DBQ on the Salem Witch Trial Documents.  (use assignment sheet below!)

“What’s a S.E.O.?” –> seo-guidelines

The Salem Witch Trials S.E.O. assignment –> salem-witch-trials-seo
(hand write your outline directly on the assignment sheet)